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Barton Turf and Irstead Parish Council are not responsible for everything in the village. Some responsibilities fall to North Norfolk District Council and some to Norfolk County Council. below is a list, not exhaustive, of information should you need to find it. We also have some lovely amenities in the villages of Barton Turf and Irstead plus some in the neighbouring village of Neatishead.  

This area of Broadland is quiet and unspoilt. Whether you arrive walking, by road or on water it is a great place to explore the lovely Norfolk Broads villages of Neatishead, Irstead and Barton Turf.  Neatishead has their own Parish Council.  Neatishead is the largest of the three villages and is home to The White Horse pub.  The shop, The White House Stores, was purchased by the community of all three villages and is now open again following extensive renovations.

All the villages have their own staithe, giving access to Barton Broad, and it is this waterside setting that gives these villages that something special.  Between the villages of Neatishead and Irstead is Gays Staithe and the Barton Boardwalk, allowing foot access to view Barton Broad. There are many fine walks and bike rides along quiet country lanes and to Alderfen Broad nature reserve.  This Broad cannot be accessed by boat and offers a beautiful, peaceful walk and the opportunity to overlook the water from a viewing platform.

Barton Broadwalk

The following species have been found on the Barton Turf Common

Barton Turf Common Species

Village Hall

The local village hall is the New Victory Hall located in Neatishead. 

Victory Hall – Neatishead, Irstead, Barton

Irstead River bank.jpg
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